Monday, October 18, 2010

The Main Course is the Most Important Course

When we have dinner, we will sometimes splurge and get an appetizer, or a dessert. Our drink is usually water. The main course is always important. That is why Megan and i were not sad that we didn't win prizes for our other dishes at the 3rd annual fall harvest smackdown . We did, however win the prize for the best main course with our waffle smothered in cinnamon syrup steeped in Habaneros.
At 5 o'clock on friday evening the secret ingredient was revealed for this year, which turned out to be the Habanero Chile Pepper. We were all expecting this ingredient last year but instead got the crappy Jellymelon.
Not having cooked with raw Habaneros before, most of the competitors were a little concerned about the heat. My sister got some pepper on her finger and touched her eyes. She ended up having to get milk in a syringe and squirting it in her eye to get the burning to stop. It was a fun and challenging ingredient and produced A LOT of really good food. i think this year there were 25 entries ranging anywhere from a tropical drink to peanut butter and Habanero Jelly sandwiches, to home made oreos to salmon, to sweet potato fries to ice cream to peach and habanero trifle.
Within 5 minutes of when we started eating, most people were red and sweating. I was actually a little surprised that most of the dishes were not hotter. It was a pleasant surprise to eat something that tasted good and then had a little, subtle heat at the very end. Team Mo' Shizzle really redeemed themselves this year and walked away with 2 prizes after being shut out last year.

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Sher said...

Hmmm. Since it's the most important course perhaps we should request a recount. Just sayin....