Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Girl Who Would Not Clean Her Room; A Cautionary Tale

I once knew a girl
who would not clean her room
she would not make her bed,
she would not use a broom

her toys and clothes,
they lay on the floor
it had gotten so messy,
you couldn't open the door.

her parents asked nicely,
and they begged, and they pleaded
she promised she would,
and they thought they'd succeeded.

the very next day,
her room was a mess.
"I'm sorry, I forgot"
she had to confess

i promise to you,
i will do it today,
but i have to go now,
i am going out to play.

so she went and she played,
and again she forgot.
her room was not clean,
of course it was not.

that night an outlet
had become overloaded
it started to spark,
and then it exploded.

the flames started small
and soon there was smoke
they all heard the alarm
and they all awoke.

their house was on fire
they scrambled to get free.
they had worked on a plan
for emergencies

two sisters were there
and a mother and father.
but someone was missing
where was the first daughter?

when the fire started

she could smell the smoke
she knew the alarm
could not be a joke.

she jumped from her bed
but tripped on the floor
things were piled up
in front of the door.

she tried to open it,
without any luck
her room was too messy,
the door, it was stuck.

her mother, she screamed
her father, he tried
the flames were too big,
he could not get inside

the firemen showed up

they stood there and watched
the girls imminent doom
because she would not
pick up her room.

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Jacqui said...

Well, that is motivating! Do you use that on your girls?