Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monterey vacation (non bike)

Although it was freezing cold most of the time it was fun. We stayed in a handicapped room at an inn so the peak hole in the door was low enough for someone in a wheel chair. that meant that when i looked through it, i saw the crotch of whoever was standing at the door. the mirrors were hung low and there was no bath tub. the whole bathroom was tiled so you could roll a wheel chair in and shower. We went to the tourist areas and were disappointed by many. Fishermans wharf only had a few people fishing and mostly shops selling lame t-shirts and dumpy restaurants with all you can eat shrimp. There were a lot of really loud sea lions laying around and one was trying to eat a ladies bait as she fished.

We went to the oldest continuously working light house on the western coast. It was much shorter than the light houses you see on the post cards. Apparently it can still be seen from 17 miles out and they figured that was tall enough.

We went and checked out cannery road because historically it is important enough that there are books and songs written about it. More t-shirt shops and restaurants and shops selling pirate toys. There was an aquarium there but it would have been more fun with the kids so didn't go. There was also a wax museum but we didn't think we needed to see a wax likeness of john steinbeck or sardines.

We went over to Lovers Point but all we saw was a kid chasing his dog and a family having a picnic. I am in love with my wife so i guess that counts, but other than us, there were no other lovers that i could see. maybe they were in the bushes.

Since we actually stayed in Pacific Grove, right next to Monterey and it is called "butterfly town", we thought we should go and see the butterfly sanctuary. There were no butterflies at all but here is a picture of the trees that they are supposed to be in.

We did the 17 mile drive around pebble beach and it was beautiful. I took a picture of the tree in the pebble beach logo. I can't sell you the picture or paint you a picture of it and sell it to you because they have copywritten it and any likeness to it. I am actually scared to post it because it might be in some sort of copyright infringement. We stopped in Carmel for a few hours and walked around to a lot of the art galleries and shops. Some were cool , some were not but it was fun to see an area with so many in such a close proximity. We had brunch and I had the best pancakes i have ever eaten, except of course the pancakes megan makes. Every meal we had was good although if you are a waitperson, why don'y you write down my order? It is not impressive if you take my order by memory and get it wrong or have to come back out and ask me about it, or forget a part of it. Megan did lots of reading and soduko puzzles. It was fun to get away and i would love to go back sometime in september or october.

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Merry Parrys said...

Sounds like a magical time, though the pancakes seem like the highlight of the weekend.

I understand we all have different talents and strengths, so maybe the next time you plan a vacation involve your cousin John. He is aces at it.