Friday, April 25, 2008

My New Ride::Scott Addict

At 13.9 lbs as pictured it is still not nearly as sexy as my 6 month pregnant wife, but in a distant second place. It has my heavy speedplay x5 pedals and no bottle cages yet. A big thanks goes to Joe for helping me put together yet another ebay bike that came in a box. This makes #4 if my memory is correct. With the seat post being integrated, once you cut it, it is not very easy to get it tall again and since when it came, it was taller than i ride but fit joe, he rode it first. I took it to Contender and had them cut it to my size. All it takes is a saw but that is a very expensive mistake if done wrong. I wish i had my heart rate monitor on as the guy was cutting it because i am sure i was up around Lactate threshold. This is my first set of tubular wheels and installation wasn't too tough, but i will see how i like them over the next year and when i need to replace the tire. Tape makes it much easier than the 3 day glue up process of the past i have heard about. The East Canyon race is this weekend so we will see if this bike helps me climb any better. The flip side of this new bike was that my wife wanted a new cooking pot, which she got and i think weighs twice as much as my bike.

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